Why to Learn WordPress ??

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    Undoubtedly WordPress is the Most popular Blogging and CMS application in the World.

    More than 50% of new websites coming up everyday are using WordPress as their Blogging or CMS platform.

    From Individuals to Corporate Companies, Schools, Colleges, Universities,Online Shopping Carts etc., are preferring to use WordPress for their online requirements.

Why to Learn WordPress

Learning WordPress can provide Limitless number of opportunities to any individual or a coder or web developer.

The opportunities do not just limited to getting placed at Web Developing Firms, but can also be extended to developing your own online business, freelancing to thousands of people who are utilizing WordPress and seeking help, creating work from home websites and more…

Most of the top bloggers in the world are using WordPress as their Content Management System, which shows the Flexibility and Power of WordPress.

Who Can Learn WordPress ??

There are no Pre requisites or Educational Qualifications required for learning WordPress.

A Student can learn with the intention of getting placed at a Web Developing firm or a Corporate company.

WordPress knowledge is one of the Important skill that most of the web developing, designing and corporate firms looking forward in their php developer. A php developer without WP knowledge is almost getting Nil Preference these days.

A housewife with little internet knowledge or a software engineer with enough free time can learn to start their own website and to work from home at their free timings.

Web designers who wants to enhance their services to their new generation wordpress seeking clients.

Freelance coders to provide solutions to the requirements of thousands of people who are desperately in need of wordpress developers and the list goes on…

Benefits of Learning WordPress

There are virtually unlimited number of benefits one can get by learning WordPress.

Including the above mentioned opportunities, the list goes on further including Theme, Plugin, Widget developers, customizers and more…

  • How we Teach ?

    First we assess the candidates previous knowledge on internet, and Worpress and teach according to it.

    Depending on the requirements of any candidate, we will teach them the required parts and guide them towards the Right direction.

    Why Bangalore WordPress Training ?

    Working and developing web sites using WordPress from very earlier versions, we have hands on experience on WP than most of the others.

    With our One to One training program, there will be no issues but to gain the complete required knowledge on WordPress.


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